mercredi 4 mai 2016

Making films for screenprinting yourself

I get a photocopy at the local shop on normal paper like 80gr

I  brush the paper with vegetable oil using a brush on a light table

The paper is now getting translucent , not transparent . Still the light is geting through . So you will need  to burn your screen a bit longer since it's harder for the light to go through . In my case with a transparent it takes 10 minutes to burn a screen with this technique it takes 16 minutes .

Make sure you applied the oil all over the paper.

Clean up the oil from the light table .

Put your films on a sheet of paper and put some more on top and let it suck the oil over night .

That's the emulsion i use . i dont know what are the insolation time for another brand .

I use two HPR 125 watts lights 80cm from the glass 

Tape your film to your screen . Put it on your insolation set up . Put a black sheet on top to avoid the light to bounce back .  A piece of foam that fit inside the screen and some weight on top to push the mesh against the films in order to get all the details  . Put the light on for 16minutes and rince the screen with water .